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HnyB Incubation Center and Accelerator is the brainchild of Shri Paresh Shah and Deepak Pareek. Both these seasoned technology professionals have worked tirelessly for nearly two decades at various levels creating some successful companies, products and services. During their journey they have also seen a lot of inefficiency in system which are deterrent in creation of successful enterprises. They have seen some very passionate technocrats fail and some very disruptive ideas going to dustbin due to lack of support ecosystem. Finally a decision was made to do something to solve this puzzle.

The plan to set-up this center germinated in mid of 2014 when HnyB Tech-Incubations Pvt. Ltd. was formed with an objective to support Start-Ups by creating an ecosystem to facilitate those with innovative ideas. While India do have many incubators driven by Academicians, Government as well as Private players, some of them present for decades, yet very few have been able to impact the start-up economy in a substantial manner.


Empower Entrepreneurs in creating 100 Companies with Revenue of 100 Million US$ each in 10 Years.


Create an environment which facilitate passionate youngsters,with spark to change the status quo,in creating world class companies.


One stop solution for all requirements of Start-Ups including Expertise, Infrastructure, Funding, Mentoring, Support Services and Hand Holding.


Paresh is a seasoned professional and strategist with 25 years of experience in creating innovative Supply Chain, Business Process Management, Sales & Marketing solutions for the industry. An experienced professional with in-depth multi sector and multi industry knowledge focused toward using technology to solve organizational inefficiencies. He has exceptional expertise in chalking out strategies that streamline processes thus enabling organizations cut downtime, improve sales, realize reduced operating expenses, avoid unnecessary capex, improve customer service and enhance overall profitability. He is the force behind VCS, awarded Best Software Product Company, Platinum for the year 2014 by GESIA and Best Supply Chain Consultant for the year 2013 at ‘The 7th Express, Logistics & Supply Chain Conclave’. He is also an Angel Investor who has invested in Start-Ups across multiple technology areas.

Shri Paresh Shah

Deepak is Creative forward-looking executive capable of translating vision into actions & quantifiable results, armed with formal education in Engineering {Electronics} from NIT-Surat, Business {Strategy}, Information Technology and always looking for areas of improvement. An enterprising professional with in-depth industry knowledge, exhaustive global exposure, exceptional organizational understanding and extensive expertise in Business Planning & Development, Marketing & Sales, Investments & Venture Capital, P&L Management, Strategy & Analysis, Technology & Business Models, Intl Business & Trade, Advisory & Consulting Services, PR & Social Media. A well published author on technology and business. Deepak has more than 18 years of Industry experience with many successful ventures to his credit.

Deepak Pareek