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In the same way we apply the learnings of our experience to founders and start-ups, we also believe in taking a helping hand from global experts to pick the best start-ups, determine the most appropriate strategies and identify best way forward for our start-ups. To this end, we are already working and are trying to bring on board some of the best and awesome mix of leaders covering professionals, entrepreneurs, strategists, technocrats and investors.

Who are Mentors?

Mentors may be professionals, entrepreneurs, domain experts, academicians or investors who have a desire to share their experience, knowledge, and network in specific industries, technologies, function and markets. Mentors provide guidance in diverse areas including management, technology and product development, business development, strategy, marketing and branding. The ideal mentor collaborates well with small teams and can offer the start-up guidance on process in addition to industry knowledge.


What are the benefits?

Strengthen Start-Up Ecosystem

The mentorship experience is an opportunity to strengthen the start-up ecosystem by increasing collaboration and building relationships. In addition to helping start-up ecosystem, mentorship grows the economy of the nation by helping start-ups become successful businesses.

Grow Your Network

Becoming a mentor gives you the opportunity to interact with start-up teams of talented founders, serial entrepreneurs, designers and developers working on a diverse range of products and technologies. Additionally, mentors interact with external entrepreneurs, consultants, angel investors and venture capital firms through events held at a regular intervals.

Learn and Experience

Start-ups are building new products and technologies to solve problems for new and old industries. By joining the program, mentors get a firsthand look at some of the newest technologies coming out of the start-up ecosystem.

What is the Structure of the Program?

The program is structured around the needs of each start-up with interaction scheduled and breadth tailored to the particular needs outlined by the start-ups and the availability of the mentor. The center will facilitate the mentor-start-up relationship, but the relationship and goals are driven by the start-up.
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