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We are not just an incubator but more of a business builder with the brief of de-risking startups and reversing the early stage failure rate. We act as a commercial co-founders, and our model is based on the idea that we are always 100% aligned with the founders to achieve success at every step of the business growth.

While we do seed/angel fund start-ups yet our unique model is developed to allow for revenue to be generated as early as possible, this reduces the need to raise unnecessary investment. We offer hands-on support in all aspects of the business, including sales and marketing, strategic direction and leadership, legal, finance, admin and human resource. Our team of experts (both in-house and external) will become part of start-up’s team in the early part of the process and will help in faster go-to market and win customers. Further this helps in allowing start-ups focus on perfecting their product/service. We also help start-ups find like-minded co-founders as well as build their own team so they can be fully self-sufficient and later we also help them get funded for next leap. We are fully focused on ensuring favorable results and invest passion, manpower and knowledge in the start-ups we truly believe in.

We measure our success as the success of start-ups we support.

Benefits of Joining

  • Dedicated team of In-house experts and external consultants to deliver business support services including Technology, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Legal, Human Resource, Administration and Funding.
  • Dedicated “Growth Manager” assigned to each Start-Up to address day to day requirements and facilitate interaction with in-house teams as well as mentors to track and advice on progress.
  • Online “Incubatee Service Application” to manage delivery of services. Application also provides access to Knowledge Base, Digital Library, Network Partners, Research Tools and Training Material.
  • Each Start-Up has assigned mentors. Focused on different aspect of business, from each of the layer i.e. Functional Team, Management Team, and Board of Mentors.
  • A structured training program catering to generic business areas, based on needs of the Start-Up is designed and delivered. Specialized training if needed is made available on subsidized cost.
  • State of the art lively work place which brings innovative founders and experienced professional under one roof, working together as part of one extended team.
  • Access to best Technology Infrastructure including TechLabs, Datacenter, Ultra-High Speed Internet and Technology Support including CTO, Architect and Code Review services.

Selection Criteria of the Incubatees

Applications are judged and selected based on the following criteria:


Does the proposed venture aligned to target technology domains of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)?


Does the proposed solution differ from current solutions substantially, making it audacious to disrupt the status quo?


Does the proposed venture identify a real and pressing problem and propose a viable solution?


Does the proposed venture have short term and long term goals, a well-defined vision and a “Think Big!” mindset?


Does the proposed venture modeled to have a significant impact as a core part of the solution?


Does the entrepreneur/team exhibit characteristics like vision, intelligence, resilience, and persistence, keys to lead a venture to success?


Does the proposed venture demonstrate scalability, is the model capable of replicating the impact it has in solving the problem?


Does the proposed plan pays careful attention to details, is it well thought out with all assumptions clearly accounted for?